Kate secures 10 new clients after completing the Freelancer Academy

Name – Kate Andreo

Freelancing idea – Part-time private tutor (French and piano), part-time Development Educator

Participating in the Freelancer’s Academy enabled me to develop my freelancing idea, and in particular to identify my priorities and set targets to balance the two different aspects. It also helped me to understand the risk factors involved in self employment, as well as what skills, knowledge and abilities are required to start and run your own business/enterprise. The legal and financial advice was especially helpful, and I have since drawn up a full short- and medium-term business plan.

The sessions on marketing and market research were also useful, and since completing the course I already have 10 pupils (my target for this year being 7!).

I would thoroughly recommend the course to anyone considering going freelance. It is a great introduction to being self employed, as well as a fantastic opportunity to meet other people in the same situation and just focus on your ideas in a space where there are no interruptions or distractions!