The future looks bright for Polly

Guest blogger Polly Aplin talks about her plans after the GO Wales Freelancer Academy;

Why did you apply for the Freelancer Academy?

“I had muddled my way in to self-employment a few months prior to the freelancer academy and felt out of my depth, i really wanted to know the important stuff (finance, legalities and law) rather than learning as i go and chancing making mistakes. I wanted to become more professional and prepared for life as a freelancer and gain some insight from experts and those who had done it before.”

 What have you gained from the course?

“I gained my objectives and more! I learnt extensively about the difficult aspects of running a freelance business but enhanced my learning of things i already felt comfortable with (marketing and networking etc).”

“I got to know everyone on the course really well and the sharing of knowledge and skills was irreplaceable. I believe i gained a lot from having a varied set of tutors and the one visiting tutor, who brought some hard truths home with support and in a very friendly informative way.”

Do you have any plans for the future?  

“I made a decision on the freelancer academy to ‘shelve’ my freelance business for a least a year and gain some solid industry experience. I want to be as prepared for freelancing as possible and came to the conclusion that the best way was to build my networks and clients slowly whilst being supported by regular contractual income. The future looks bright and i’m gaining confidence at a fast rate. I am currently working for a start-up company who are benefiting from my experience from the freelancer academy.”

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