Summer work placement secures future career path for Huw

Huw Williams a final year Mechanical Engineering student from Cardiff University took part in a 12 week summer Work Placement with Eurobond Laminates.  Huw explains how his time with the company has set him on the path to a future career in engineering;

During the summer of 2010, before starting my fourth and final year of my master’s in Mechanical Engineering, I took part in a twelve week GO Wales placement with Eurobond Laminates; a composite building panel manufacturer based on the outskirts of Cardiff.  We have always been encouraged to gain industrial experience as engineering students within the university, therefore after hearing about GO Wales through a friend I decided to apply for a placement through their website.  I was accepted for the Product Development Engineer role and began working for Eurobond in mid June.   

The aim of the placement was to design a new type of composite panel product for the company using the existing manufacturing processes available on the industrial estate.  After coming up with various concepts I was able to prototype my design and assemble them on a test rig.  During the placement I was also required to learn how to use SolidWorks; a 3D CAD package I have used endlessly throughout the Formula Student and UAV fourth year projects in the fourth year of university.  I was also lucky enough to have attended three project management training days held in Glamorgan University and was awarded certificates for these events.  The quality of the placement was excellent; I was treated equally with the other staff members and was given responsibilities from the very first day. 

The members of staff at Eurobond laminates were very supportive and as a result I managed to fit seamlessly into the company. I managed to dramatically improve my engineering skills during my time at Eurobond; I learnt a great deal about Mechanical Engineering design and the various manufacturing processes that were on offer. Not only did I manage to improve my engineering skills but my project managing and communication skills were also greatly enhanced.


I truly enjoyed my GO Wales placement and would certainly recommend others to do the same. The placement went by extremely quickly and allowed me to tackle real life problems using the experience from my degree whilst also making me feel like a young engineer rather than just being on work experience. The placement certainly exceeded my expectations and I felt I made the most out of the experience.

This placement has unquestionably influenced my future career choice; I am certainly working on a career path which suits me and will continue working towards being a professional chartered engineer once I graduate from my degree this year.  Since the end of the GO Wales placement itself, I have continued to work on other projects with Eurobond on Wednesday afternoons during term time and hope this will lead onto further employment following my graduation this summer.

If Huw’s experience has inspired you please take a look at the Work Placements we have available on the GO Wales website!