An Interview with Claire Perry- Ramblers Cymru

This is an interview with Claire Perry by Ramblers Cymru following her GO Wales placement. Hear what Claire has to say about GO Wales!

Interview with Claire Parry, 38, Tiger Bay Ramblers, working with the Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Wales

Claire Parry, did a six week stint at Ramblers Cymru as a GO Wales Placement.  During that time, she worked on a report on Rights of Way Improvement Plans. Impressed by her work, they asked her back on a six month project coordinating and organising their innovative e-trails project.

Ramblers Cymru: How did you find out about Ramblers and GO Wales?

Claire Parry: I found out about GO Wales through Careers Wales. I went to the GO Wales office in Cardiff and while I was there, I mentioned my background and interests. Nikki said that a role from the Ramblers had come in that day, so that’s how I was linked with the Ramblers.

RC: What did you do during your time at Ramblers?

CP: I started with Ramblers Cymru at the end of October 2009. It was an initially a six week period; then I did further work on the e-trails pilot in Llantwit Major. I was working in conjunction with Ramblers Cymru from January to June 2010. During that time, I also wrote six articles for Walk Magazine, which is produced by Ramblers.

RC: Why Ramblers?

CP: It’s an organisation where I can bring in skills from the previous work that I’ve done and my interests in walking and the environment are relevant.

RC: How did Ramblers help you find your job at the Royal Commission?

CP: When I was working on the e-trails project, the Royal Commission were a partner in that project, so I had already been talking to them for six months, and having meetings with them. That gave me a good understanding the work of the organisation. The work on e-Trails helped me to get the position with the Royal Commission.

RC: What advice do you have for graduates looking for jobs?

CP: There are lots of voluntary opportunities with the Ramblers local groups and in the office. These are beneficial for people who want to prove themselves in skill areas where they might not have been able to do so through work or study. It’s tough in the job market as a result of widespread cut-backs in all sectors. People need to think of a long term goal, and see everything as a stepping stone on the way. They may need to do temporary work and jobs that they’d prefer not to with voluntary work as steps to achieving a more appropriate role in the end. Graduates should get as much information as possible about schemes and training, from Graduate Recruitment Fairs, Careers Wales, Go Wales and FS4B. If any opportunities are limited by time after graduation or age, they should make use of them straight away.


RC: Why GO Wales?

CP: It’s good because half of the money come from the Welsh Government, so it means that small business and charities can take on someone for short periods of time, they can try them out, and give them little pieces of work to do. It gives the graduate a chance to find out about different organisations, network and make future career plans.