My Work Tasters- Chloe Hibbert

Interview with Chloe Hibbert

How did you find out about GO Wales Work Tasters?

Chloe Hibbert: I found out about GO Wales through the Cardiff University Careers Service, and immediately signed up online with my CV and interests. They then sent me regular emails and updates about the Work Tasters. My first Worktaster was at Buzz Magazine, I was called into the office to have a chat with Helen Hare the Taster Manager. We discussed not only my upcoming Taster, but also other Work Taster options that might be available to me.

What did you do during your time with GO Wales?

CH: GO Wales at Cardiff University offered me a great range of Work Tasters. After my first Taster with Buzz Magazine I had a debriefing session with Helen, and we discussed which direction I would like to take next. A few months later I took part in a one week Worktaster at Wales News, a press agency in Cardiff. My final Worktaster was with Intellectual Capitalists, a team of marketing, finance and business consultants.

How have GO Wales helped you decide on a future career?

CH: An English Literature degree is fairly open ended, and initially I was interested in magazine and newspaper journalism. Whilst I really enjoyed my time spent with Buzz Magazine, I realised after my Work Taster with Wales News that investigative journalism was not for me. I wanted to try something different, and thankfully the GO Wales team found me a PR and marketing Taster with Intellectual Capitalists. After spending some time at iC, I realised that I’d like to pursue a career in copywriting. Thanks to this experience I have now been offered an SEO copywriting internship with an online marketing company.

What advice do you have for finalists looking for jobs?

CH: With an open ended degree like English Literature it is essential to gain some work experience before or after you graduate. Not only will it increase your chances of future employment, but it will also help you decide which career path you want to follow. As well as my three Worktasters with GO Wales I have carried out work in online journalism and publishing. Without trying out such a wide range of positions I would never have discovered where my skills and interests lie. Undergraduates should look into the options available to them from the University Careers Service and Graduate Recruitment Fairs; there are plenty out there!

Why GO Wales?

CH: I cannot stress enough how helpful GO Wales have been. The service they provide is really personal, and the team make every effort to get to know each student individually. Instead of just sending you off on a Work Taster and forgetting about you, Helen or Francesca at the Cardiff office regularly keep in touch to make sure everything is going according to plan. The businesses on the scheme also seem genuinely pleased to have students there, and I have never felt like a burden on any of my Work Tasters. Finally, the Tasters are easily structured around your degree; my course results actually improved whilst I was out on a Work Taster!

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