Proof that we have boosted graduate employment in Wales!

The future is looking significantly brighter for Welsh graduates after a recent evaluation discovered that two thirds have gained employment after taking part in the GO Wales scheme.  

According to the results of an evaluation carried out by market research agency DTZ, figures reveal 60% of graduates that have taken part in a GO Wales Work Placement have gone on to gain employment in what they consider to be a ‘graduate role’. This has had a positive effect on graduate retention in Wales with a number of graduates stating that they would not be working in Wales if it were not for the experience gained through the scheme.

Many graduates leave university with little or no work experience. GO Wales gives students and graduates the opportunity to gain excellent work based experience with local businesses whilst alleviating the pressure for employers by offering a financial subsidy and the potential to trial a new employee for 10 weeks.

Julia Coles graduated in 2008 and secured a placement with animation company  Dinamo Productions. Three years on she is a Visual Effects Coordinator and has a fantastic career ahead of her, Julia said; “The scheme has helped me greatly; I’ve been working at Dinamo for three and a half years, if it wasn’t for GO Wales I wouldn’t have this job.”

Aron Evans Co-founder of Dinamo has used the scheme to take on 16 graduates for various projects, he said; “GO Wales gives us the chance to evaluate graduate talent, it’s extremely flexible and we have benefited from a financial subsidy towards salary costs.”

Thousands of small businesses in Wales have taken part in the Work Placement scheme; many of them new to the idea of graduate recruitment.  Encouragingly figures reveal 40% of businesses that have hosted work placements had never taken on graduates previously, in addition 58% of businesses who offered jobs at the end of the placement had to no intention of doing so when they started the scheme.

With an increase in work placements planned for the future graduates can be assured that there are fantastic career opportunities available within Welsh businesses!

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