Graduates on placement gain real benefits from Work Experience Award!

Every student and graduate that takes part in a GO Wales Work Placement has the opportunity to complete a work based qualification called the Professional Development Award. The Award has been designed to help graduates make the most of the experience by focusing on the skills developed before, during and after a placement. It looks great on your CV and it’s paid for by GO Wales!

Want to know more? We asked a few graduates who have completed the Award to tell us how it has benefited their time on placement…

Jess Lea Wilson is currently on a Work Placement with Halen Mon Salt Company

“For the past ten weeks, I have been on a placement at Anglesey Sea Salt, an artisan sea salt production company which exports its products all over the world. I have been involved with writing marketing materials, running the on-site shop, and dealing with wholesale and distributor orders. I have also had the opportunity to travel to food exhibitions, and am about to travel to one abroad, to network with other people in the food industry.”

“Completing the GO Wales Professional Development Award has allowed me to keep track of my progress whilst on the scheme. It gave me structured and specific goals to work towards, and achieving these aims has been satisfying, as well as constructive in terms of career development.”

“I am very pleased to have had the opportunity to take part in the scheme – it looks great on my CV and I am staying on with my host company for a further period of time. I have learned a lot as a result of the GO Wales Professional Development qualification, and have been given greater responsibility in the company because of it.”

“I would encourage other graduates on a Work Placement to go for it! The Award is extremely worthwhile and is of great benefit to you and your employers.”

Clare Henry completed a Work Placement with Capital Digital in Wrexham

“During my placement I worked for Capital Digital, a marketing and business development agency in Wrexham. My job role within the organisation was ‘Website Manager’ and my duties included coding, development, design, SEO and web management.”

“The Professional Development Award really helped me during my placement as it encouraged me to develop my skills through a work based environment and to adapt these to suit my personality. I gained confidence in areas that I didn’t think I’d even cover – I can now use the telephone and communicate with customers effectively.”

“I am very pleased that I had the chance to complete the GO Wales Professional Development Award as it’s helped me get a job in an area that I love. Many people don’t give graduates a chance to show off their skills and using the Award to evaluate what skills I have has helped employers see that employing graduates is a beneficial thing.”

“Some placements don’t offer any form of qualification and I think it’s a brilliant opportunity for people to gain extra skills and experience. It will also look fantastic on the CV, too.”

The Professional Development Award is an integral part of a GO Wales Work Placement and has enriched the experience for so many students and graduates. It offers individuals on a placement a chance to gain recognition for their efforts and a valuable qualification that looks impressive to employers.