GO Wales is a hit at Glynspired 2012

The ‘Glynspired 2012’ event at Glyndŵr University was a real success with students and graduates last month. Aimed at informing students and graduates about the volunteering opportunities locally, the GO Wales team thought the event would be the perfect opportunity to promote the GO Wales programme, so set up the banners and information leaflets alongside the many other charity stands.

Glyndŵr University GO Wales staff were on hand for the full event, informing students and graduates of the numerous opportunities for work experience open to them across Denbighshire, Flintshire and Wrexham and the benefits of the programme. One Engineering graduate we spoke to on the day said,

It is a real help and advantage to know that there is a programme for unemployed graduates to help us find work experience in our related field of study. It could be just what I need to add good quality work experience to my CV for future job applications”.

Chelsea Moth, GO Wales Administrator said,

“We were pleased with the response and it was a really good chance to talk to students and graduates, tell them about some of the current placements available and see what they’re looking for themselves. We met some really enthusiastic people that could potentially fill some of the placement opportunities we have, so we were able to encourage them to apply and answer questions about the process face-to-face.”