Get Qualified with GO Wales Funding for Training!

We have a training fund available for graduates who  work for small businesses in Wales employing less than 250 people; self-employed graduates can also apply. The funding covers 50% of the cost of a training course up to £1,500 and the company covers the remaining cost with the aim of helping individuals in Wales to further develop their knowledge and skills.

Here are a few questions that we regularly get asked;

Who do you class as a graduate?

If you have a degree, HND, HNC or equivalent then we would class you as a graduate, it doesn’t matter when you gained this qualification. Owner/Managers can also apply for funding as long as an application is made before the course is booked or paid.

What type of qualifications can you fund?

GO Wales can provide funding for MBAs, Masters Degrees, Degrees, Higher National Diplomas, Postgraduate Diplomas such as the Chartered Institute of Marketing and the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development plus many more.

We would normally fund training that leads to a qualification and would ask you to contact us when you have decided on a course so that we can look into it further.

Is there a minimum course cost?

Courses must cost a minimum of £300.

Is there a deadline?

The training course must be completed by September 2014; we can however look at funding modules for courses such as a Master’s Degree providing you haven’t already started the course when you make your application.

How much funding can I access in total?

Each individual can access up to £1,500, small businesses can access £8,500 in total for their staff. This also includes any funding they have secured through our Work Placement scheme.

To apply please email or visit the website for further information