Invitation to take part in a research study on the destinations of North Wales graduates

By Teresa Crew

I would encourage graduates to take part in this study as too often similar research graduates focus on a UK or overall Welsh perspective.   One size does not fit all! Graduates, including those from North Wales institutions, have a variety of experiences post graduation.  Knowledge and understanding of these experiences could help  provide tailored help for local graduates.

I am conducting research into the post graduation experiences of graduates across North Wales for the purpose of my Ph.D.  This study is being carried out in conjunction with the School of Social Sciences, Bangor University and is funded by the Economic Social and Research Council.

Taking part in the study

The first stage of this study involved graduates such as yourself completing an online or postal questionnaire.  The second stage of this study is an interview to explore in further detail some of the themes outlined in the questionnaire.

The areas of interest to be explored in both stages include:

  • Your early childhood i.e where you lived;
  • Your experiences at university;
  • Your experiences in the employment market, since graduating, and;
  • Whether you have undertaken further, post graduate studies.

Participation is voluntary. This means that you are free to withdraw at any time from this study and do not have to give a reason for doing so. If you decide to withdraw, all the information that has been provided i.e. name, contact details and any data will be deleted.

To complete the survey online please type in the following URL into your web browser: .  Alternatively feel free to email me at