Volunteer and help save a Rainforest!

Business Management graduate Lina Birkenhead is currently on a GO Wales work placement with the RSPB as a Volunteer Coordinator. As part of her role Lina is coordinating a team of 160 volunteers to deliver fundraising activities on 21st/22nd September under the ‘Together for Trees’ project that aims to protect and restore tropical rainforests.

Lina has contacted GO Wales to ask if we can help with the promotion of the project to recruit new volunteers, she explains;

“The role I am undertaking requires me to recruit volunteers for our upcoming bucket collections in Tesco across the UK. I am responsible for recruitment in the whole of Wales and was wondering whether the GO Wales team could possibly help me find volunteers for the 21st and 22nd September.”

“The RSPB has introduced a new campaign ‘Together for Trees’ as part of our new partnership with Tesco. We carry out extensive conservation programmes to help Rainforests across the globe and with the formation of our new partnership with Tesco, we are able to help funds our efforts.”

“To raise additional funds for our Rainforest work, RSPB Cymru are organising bucket collections in Tesco stores across Wales on 21st and 22nd September. All funds raised in Wales are marked specifically for our Gola Rainforest project and have the fantastic benefit of being match funded by the ‘Size of Wales’ rainforest campaign which in effect doubles our fundraising efforts! In order to make sure we collect as much money for this project as possible, we are in need of volunteers dedicating up to 3 hours to help raise funds and generate awareness of the programme.”

“We are working to protect and restore rainforests in seven countries across the globe, from Asia and Africa to the Caribbean, to save threatened species such as sun bears, chimpanzees, clouded leopards and rhinoceros hornbills.”

If you could please volunteer a few hours of your time for a worthy cause please SIGN UP here.