A journey from English Graduate to Marketing Professional

It’s difficult to believe that it’s nearly two years since I wrote my last blog post for GO Wales; the time has flown by, and it’s only now that I’ve been asked to write a follow-up that I’ve really had the chance to look around and see how much has changed (for the better!).


When I submitted my first article back in January last year, I had just received an extension to my initial 10-week placement as a Marketing Assistant at software development company Box UK. That 3-month extension turned into a full-time position, and as the company has expanded the diversity (not to mention the volume!) of my work has increased. I started my placement writing copy for case studies and client profiles, and ended it having added news items, sales sheets and awards entries to that list. Since then my portfolio of content has only continued to grow; I’ve helped manage the relaunch of the company website, written blog posts on a range of subjects, put together reports, prepared email and print campaign pieces….  there’s a popular saying that “Content is King” and I’ve taken that very much to heart.


My love of writing was one of the primary reasons I applied for the Marketing Assistant role, and I’ve had plenty of opportunities to indulge that passion, but during my time working at Box UK I’ve also had the chance to really experience what it is to be a Marketer, learning more about the strategic elements of the industry, from SEO and Social Media to lead nurturing and Content Strategy. Seeing how these various elements come together to make an impact on the business is incredibly satisfying, and makes my job even more enjoyable. I remember mentioning in my last post that I had just signed up to Twitter; now social technologies are such a big part of my everyday life, I can’t imagine what I did without them – showing just how far I’ve come!

Personal Development

One of the best things about a GO Wales placement is getting the chance to improve your knowledge and skills, and from my experience it’s clear that this doesn’t end when you hand in the final report. Box UK is proud to invest in the personal and professional development of their team, and have supported my continual learning with many great opportunities, from external courses, conferences and exhibitions, to enabling me to try new things and take on increased responsibility in my day-to-day work.

I’ve also benefitted from the incredible knowledge of my colleagues, who are passionate about sharing what they know with others in the company, through regular email updates, in-house talks, workshops, or just sitting down and explaining what’s so great about the work they’re doing. Ok, I may not completely understand what the developers are talking about when they mention the awesome new tools they’ve found, but I did recently understand a joke involving Schrödinger’s cat and Internet Explorer, which must surely earn me some techie points…


I’d recommend a GO Wales placement to anyone who wants to gain an understanding of a real-world working environment; an especially valuable asset in today’s economic and employment climate. The new skills I learned while on the placement both from a career and a personal perspective would have made it worthwhile if it had ended after the 10 weeks, but securing a job at the end of it has offered me a wealth of additional opportunities and experiences that I wouldn’t have had otherwise. I love my job and the place I work, and am looking forward to what comes next – thanks GO Wales and Box UK!

As I mentioned earlier, I’m now a fully paid-up tweeter, so if you want to know more about my experience with GO Wales, learn more about various aspects of Marketing or just say hello, get in touch with me via @emmwillis.