My placement at the Graduate Academy – week 3

First days are always scary. It’s just how it is.

Megan at workAt 10am, I was greeted by a smiling Mark and Jenny in the Postgraduate Recruitment Office at Swansea University. I was quickly shown my desk before embarking on a tour of the department. The highlights of which were standing in an office and waving (awkwardly) whilst Mark introduced me to everyone, and being shown where the tea and coffee was made. Afterwards, I was tasked with some proofreading which took up most of the morning.

Then it was lunchtime. Being a recent Swansea University graduate, I happily sauntered over to Fulton House to pick up an old favourite; a chilli chicken pasty. But the bakery was gone! In its place was a trendy (ish) cafe and a mini supermarket. Reluctantly I settled on a duck wrap from the shop, feeling sorry for the 2012/2013 freshers who would never experience the joys of the campus bakery.

I spent the remainder of the afternoon updating the University’s external profile for websites such as before attending a staff meeting with Jenny. It was really interesting to get a taster of how the company operated on a week to week basis. It felt a bit odd at first, being surrounded by professional grown-ups whilst I sat quietly in the corner. But by the end of the hour-long meeting I was beginning to find my feet and get to grips with the business lingo. I even (hesitantly) put forward a suggestion to their open day plans.

After the meeting, I headed home and tried to tackle the assignments for the Graduate Academy. All the paperwork was a bit overwhelming, so I left it alone with good intentions to begin gathering the necessary information later in the week.

Rookie Error

I had to be in earlier this morning; a 9am start. I spent the first part of the day finishing up yesterday’s proofreading and copywriting. After that I was assigned with proofreading the University’s website, checking for dead links as well as spelling errors.

In the afternoon I headed over to the main office with Mark and made a rather embarrassing mistake. I was introduced to someone and gave them a childish wave. What I should have done, of course, was offer them my hand to shake. The man, unsurprisingly, looked slightly alarmed and proceeded to put out his hand for me to take. I did and the meeting proceeded as intended. Although, I have to admit that I spent the next few minutes containing an inappropriate burst of giggles. Needless to say, I’m putting this one down as a learning curve.

The Key to Vocational Learning

Megan at her deskI spent Wednesday morning continuing with the website. I also took the opportunity to talk to Jenny about my marketing module. To my delight, everything started to make sense and I could suddenly see how I was going to complete the assignment. In all honesty, it was an eye opener to vocational learning. You have to ENGAGE with people and the working environment to extract the information that you need, (I’m sure that must have been mentioned in Lampeter at some point!).

After lunch, I helped Jenny put some open day posters up around the University before making some headway on my assignment.

Even More Useful Information

The morning began has it had the day before; with proofreading the website. It is a very time-consuming activity and I can see why they had left the task to me. Nothing would ever get done otherwise!

In the afternoon, I had a meeting with a man named Chris who had spent much of his career working as a copywriter (a path I’ve been leaning towards lately). It was great to get some first-hand advice about that particular line of work. The talk had been arranged by Mark, who afterwards let me question him about the marketing module. I felt so grateful. It’s a fantastic feeling to be working alongside people who are dedicated to making sure I get the best out of my time with them.

One Week Down

Friday came round ridiculously fast. I whiled away the day proofreading the website, and spent the last of the afternoon tinkering with my assignments.

One week down and happy as Larry. Can’t wait for Monday! Not a bad start, if I don’t say so myself.