A Day in the life of a Marketing Manager

Name:  Sabastian Dyer

Job Title:  Marketing Manager 

Company: dezrez 

Web address: http://www.dezrez.com/software-for-estate-agents/

Dezrez Facebook– https://www.facebook.com/dezrezsoftware

Personal Linkedin Profile- http://www.linkedin.com/pub/sabastian-dyer/44/72a/b1

Sabastian Dyer - GO Wales guest blogger


What do you love most about your job?

The variety and also how I self-manage my own workload, making me responsible for my outcomes and ultimately, my success.


Tell us about your day!

As marketing manager I’m solely responsible for, yes you guessed it, the marketing of the company; whether this is through the traditional marketing route or the digital route. My role is essentially to offer my expertise, opinion and experience on various decisions for the company and then to carry out these wishes. A great position that has taught me much and given me a lot of valuable experiences within a workplace.



Depending on the day and the week of the month my work varies as I often have deadlines and recurring projects that have to be completed. One example of this is weekly blog posts as one of my responsibilities is content creation for the company. Recently I’ve had guest contributors to the blog so my day can involve corresponding with guest writers, proof reading, posting and then marketing these posts via different channels. Another deadline will be our monthly newsletter, this involves a variety of different things to be done, some design work with Photoshop to enhance the visual look and to brand it with dezrez imagery, communicating with colleagues as they have responsible areas in the newsletter and then creating, proof reading and publishing.


Email Campaigns

Initially when I started dezrez as a GO Wales placee it was highlighted that I needed to demonstrate my position was needed and worthwhile within the company. Therefore I carried out, and still carry out regular promotional email campaigns, during work I’d therefore create email campaigns, run through the operations of it and follow-up these with calls or emails in order to convert our clients. Another daily task was consequently to use our custom-made CRM system to ensure that all marketing leads were being recorded and followed up in the system so that I could accurately report on progress and development to the senior managers within the organisation.

Event Design


As my design experience is limited (degree in accounting and management), one decision we made was to contract design work out to a professional design agency in order to create assets that we could use and re-create for our marketing campaigns and digital plans. Parts of my day involved collaborating with the design agency by providing information, giving feedback and critiquing their work with other members of staff, to ensure that work was of a highest ensure quality that dezrez were happy with.

On top of this, we’re currently in the process of re-designing our website, by creating new areas and moving our old website content over to our new branded website, this means I’m responsible for organising, designing (writing and designing content) and then managing the work of this by the development team who implement website changes.


Newsletter banner


Analytics & Reporting

To make informed and educated decisions I often have to analyse various aspects of the company and its performance. I use this information by looking at various areas, such as Google analytics, adwords, performance tools and regularly carry out a competitor analysis to put our companies performance in context. I’m also responsible for reporting this data to other managers within the company during our monthly managers meeting where we all present developments within our department, a chance for seniors to ensure we’re all up to date with work and a chance to promote department success within the month.

As you can see, this is just a small snippet of my workload and it often varies from project work to daily tasks which are managed by myself and supervisor to identify deadlines the level of importance for certain tasks.

One of the best parts of my job is the freedom and responsibility that my position carries, this is not purely the position but also the company itself.