Name: Jessica Arkley

Job title: Senior Recruitment Consultant

Company: Elite National Recruiters Ltd

Web address: http://www.elitenationalrecruiters.co.uk


What do you love most about your job?

The fast paced environment, meeting new people, and helping them into a suitable job.

Tell us about your day!

A typical day starts off at 08.30am, where you need to get your coffee fix ready for the.

The first duty of the day is to check that all new Elite candidates have settled into their new placements, and check with clients that all is well.

Then you need to catch up on all the CV’s that have come through during the evening, and sift through them to match them to as closely as possible to jobs that you are advertising. Once they have been shortlisted, you arrange interviews for the successful applicants.


Once all interviews have been confirmed, it is back to advertising job vacancies, via job boards/ social networking sites/ job centre then there is chance for a quick catch up on emails, and contact any elite candidates with suitable job offers, this will normally take you up to lunchtime.

Going into the afternoon

Once lunchtime is over it is back to check all client requirements and schedule job lots according to dates. Afternoons consist of interviewing potential candidates, explaining job roles to them, ensuring that they are registered with Elite and have full compliance.

Once interviews are over all data needs to be gathered together and stored in the correct folders for job lots, information will then be checked for compliance and any compliance needed such as referencing will be completed and signed off.


At this point I will forward potential candidates CV over to the client for them to look through and arrange interview dates/times.

This will take you towards the end of the day, where you do a last check on all new candidates to ensure the day has gone smoothly. Contact candidates due to start to ensure they have all relevant information for their start date, also check that clients have all new candidates information. Organise a to-do list for the following day, based on the order of the job-lots.

And that’s the end of my day!