10 Reasons to start Co-working


By Mari Ellis Dunning – Guest Blogger for IndyCube 

The co-working phenomenon has been sweeping the nation at a rapid pace, bringing entrepreneurs from various backgrounds together. Also known as ‘hot desking,’ co-working refers to the practice of renting a desk, often at a daily rate, and working alongside like-minded individuals. From cost-effective desk-space to unlimited fresh coffee, there are plenty of reasons that sharing office space has become such a hit. Read on to find ten reasons to start co-working today by Mari at Indycube.

1)      The Atmosphere

There’s often a buzz in co-working spaces. Like a hive of worker bees, the associates at Indycube seem to exert creative energy while tapping away at their keyboards and bouncing ideas off one another. Just sitting amongst a bunch of creative business owners can really get the ideas rolling out.

2)      Distraction-Free Desk Space

Working from an office rather than from the back bedroom, or a coffee shop, allows for a clear and comfortable space. With no ironing to get on with, no floors to hoover and no crying children, you’ll experience a heightened level of productivity. Onkar Singh, of onkarpurewal.com, said ‘I got more done in one day at Indycube than I ever could in my office.’

3)      A Change of Scenery

Sometimes, it’s just a bonus to get out of the house, or the usual coffee shop. A change of scenery can be great for inspiring new ideas. Sitting at a different desk, admiring an unusual picture on the wall or taking a new route to work could provide an endless stream of business initiatives. Essentially, if the barristas at Starbucks know your order before you walk in, it might be time to try something new.

4)      Cultivating Creativity Beyond the Comfort Zone

Similarly to a change of scenery, leaving your comfort zone can be a brilliant way to generate new ideas and content for your business. Life starts outside of the comfort zone, so why not get out and about and find out what you’ve been missing. Ian Short of PragSys did exactly that by exploring different Indycube co-working spaces, saying ‘I have no idea what will happen, but I won’t know unless I try.  I have nothing to lose, and everything to gain.’


5)       Networking

This doesn’t mean shaking hands and exchanging business cards – it means getting to know people. It’s predicted that in 2015, co-creation in open-information ecosystems will be the predominant paradigm. In light of this, sharing your ideas and resources with others may work in your favour. Zara Jones, a recent graduate who gained a placement with Mint Online Marketing through the GO Wales scheme said ‘I feel so lucky to be working in the middle of so many different people who can offer so many different skills. If ever there was a way to work with lots of people, this is it.’

6)       Socialising

It’s not all about hard work. Meeting people can be difficult for self-employed business owners, who are likely to spend a lot of time holed up in their ‘spare bedroom/wardrobe/office’. Naturally, this can be quite isolating. Working in a busy environment can give you someone to talk to during your lunch break, or a friend for after work drinks. You never know who you might meet.

7)       Feeling like part of a community

Although co-working is rapidly gaining popularity and has become established in South Wales in recent months, many members feel fortunate to be part of the community. Zara Jones said she felt privileged to be based in a co-working office, ‘it almost feels like being part of a secret community!’

8)      Business Start-Ups

Finding a job is not the simple procedure it used to be – when 1,700 overqualified applicants applied for 8 jobs at Costa Coffee earlier this year, it became all the more obvious that the job market is tough. But don’t panic yet! Research shows that the top 10 in demand jobs in 2010 did not exist 6 years previously. With the industry ever-shifting, taking control through establishing your own business may be much smarter than working for somebody else. This is great news for students and recent graduates, who are perfectly placed to start something new.

9)       Price – No Contract, No Commitment

With many co-working spaces running contract free desk-days, there’s really nothing to lose by giving it a go! Indycube offers Free Day Passes to those who’ve never tried it, (head to the website for more details), and runs a Pay-As-You-Go policy, as well as a rolling month-by-month associateship.

10)   Finally… Coffee!

At Indycube, we have all the free coffee you can drink! Roasted by dragons in Wales, we get all our coffee from The Welsh Coffee Co and you can be sure that there’ll always be a pot on the go when you need that little boost!

Leaving University can feel like being thrust head-first in to the unknown, but if you have a clear vision, drive and ambition, setting up your own company from a co-working space could be the answer. For more information, go to Indycube.com.

Do you have any co-working experiences to share with our readers? We’d be interested to hear your thoughts on this new phenomenon. 


    Thanks to our guest author Mari Ellis Dunning for this  insightful post!  

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