My Role at GO Wales Bangor

Bangor Team

By Lydia Richardson 

Me and My Role

Hello everyone! My name is Lydia; I am a recent Psychology graduate at Bangor University in North Wales. At the moment I am working in the Bangor GO Wales office as a Marketing and Events Assistant.

Initially I started working for GO Wales through a Bangor Employability award internship, offered by the careers department here. This was a great opportunity for me, as I was able to use skills that I had accumulated from previous work and apply them to a completely different field to my degree.  My internship ended in June and since then I have been taken on by GO Wales till the end of September. My role interlinks a lot with the 10th birthday of the project, as I am organising the birthday event for the Bangor team which is very exciting and going really well! I also dabble in a fair bit marketing research, from car signs to social media. It’s all go!

Birthday Logo

Key tasks and achievements

My role focuses a lot on the upkeep of our birthday event as well as advertisement of the program, so organisation really is key! With the event coming together, it is really important that I keep on top of any deadlines such as room organisation or invitation follow ups, while also making sure that the team is kept in the loop too!

At the moment I have constant contact with employers from 2003 all the way up to the present, as I am collating a timeline of case studies from people who have worked with GO Wales. Gathering information about organisations experiences via phone interviews and questionnaires is a very rewarding process, as it gives insight into what company’s value from the team and allows us to produce information to promote them at the same time.

Social media and promotion have also been a pretty important aspect of my job. I’ve worked with the careers department as well as the team, to help boost Facebook and twitter interactions with both local and current students. This has been going really well as job vacancy interest is on the up!

It really has been a valuable experience working in this kind of role, but the best part of it has been learning from others and also being able to use my ideas/initiative and roll with it.

Bangor University

Highlights of working with GO Wales in Bangor

The experience has pushed me in ways that my degree could not, which has been great for me as it’s really got my brain working! By being able to see how things work daily in the office, it has really helped me to understand more about the job process, marketing and event management and not to mention team work. Working with an amazing and friendly bunch has been lovely– there never is a dull a moment! I couldn’t have asked for a better place to work really.

The future

Well honestly the future looks pretty bright! Once I have finished my work with GO Wales in September, I will be thrown straight back into education to complete an MSc in Psychological Research at Bangor. Past that however, who knows! I would like to go even further with my education and give a doctorate a go, but event management is also very tempting…I shall have to see what happens!


  Thank you to Lydia for your guest blog post!