New Year, New Job!


Happy New Year from GO Wales! It’s a brand new year and what better time than now to make the most of your career with a few changes to the status quo! Thankfully we’re here to help with some advice on how GO Wales can help you make those career changes, large or small!

If you’re looking for a new role, whether it’s something in a similar field or something completely different, like going from recruitment officer to bungee-jump instructor then we can help (though we haven’t got any bungee-jump instructor jobs on our website at the moment!), the first thing to think about is how you’re going to use your existing skill set in your new role. You’ll hear lots of people say that there’s a huge amount of specialising in roles nowadays, especially in larger companies with hundreds of staff in similar roles, but the truth is that most of the skills that you are using will transfer from a data analyst role to civil engineer to bungee-jump instructor so all you need to do is think how you can use your existing skills in a way that new employers are wanting.


The key difference in the roles will be the required knowledge or experience that you might be lacking, so why not make a few changes to help you make that transition over time? You can go about this in several different ways, the first way is to gain experience. Gaining the required experience can be done in a few ways too; you could volunteer with a company on one of your free days for example. Obviously you’re not going to be thrown straight into a managerial role with this route but the experience will be invaluable for you to get to know a company, a sector or an entire industry as a whole which will arm you with exactly the kind of knowledge that you will need to get that advantage over your job-seeker competitors and work your way up the ladder.

The second way to get experience is to find a role or placement in a company that will involve the company training you and nurturing you within the company. It will likely be the case that if you are moving into a completely different career that you will need to take an entry-level position but if the role isn’t too dissimilar then you will be fortunate enough to be experiencing a completely new company culture, which of course you will need to research beforehand!

Help is at hand

Lucky for you readers, GO Wales offers schemes that allow you to do both of these things. There’s our amazing 10 week work placement scheme where you will be paid £250 a week for the duration of the scheme, and our 6-month Jobs Growth Wales scheme for graduates who are 24 and under. Through these schemes you can gain some amazing experiences (just look at our case studies!) in a huge variety of roles. Two out of three graduates that go on these schemes get kept on with the company after their placement period is over too, including yours truly who went on a 10 week GO Wales placement nearly two years ago and was kept on before joining the main GO Wales team.

You can view and apply for the all our vacancies via the GO Wales website.

GO Wales offers a bespoke internship scheme called the Work Taster scheme, here you’ll be able to gain valuable voluntary experience with lots of different types of organisation, just register on the website and one of our Taster Officers will get in touch with you to organise an experience that is exactly right for you!

Of course, if like me, you absolutely adore your job, but you think that you would like to train further to progress in your role then look no further than the GO Wales Graduate Training and Development Fund.  GO Wales can provide funds for either self-employed individuals or SME companies to train themselves or their staff to a postgraduate level or equivalent. GO Wales can provide up to 50% of the fees up to a maximum of £1,500 per person towards course fees, so if you’re thinking of doing that short course, certificate or diploma then look no further than the GO Wales Graduate Training and Development Fund.

So don’t just sit there thinking about a change, make it happen. Check out the range of GO Wales services on offer and see which one is best for you!