My experience at an award winning jewellers

Lowri working on jewellery

Emma-Kate Francis is an award winning contemporary jeweller, with a growing reputation for making timeless, hand-made jewellery, using the finest materials. The business is based in Cowbridge, Vale of Glamorgan.

Bangor University Product Design graduate Lowri Jones applied for a six month Jobs Growth Wales position as an Assistant Manager with Emma-Kate Francis she tells us more about her experience…

Before I applied for the position at Emma-Kate Francis I was living at home, wanting a change and looking for a job with more opportunity for me to develop my skills and knowledge further.

As part of my role I am responsible for;

  • Production of the jewellery collections and management of all aspects of the manufacturing process.
  • Liaising with clients, stockists and outworkers.
  • Ensuring customers get the best service possible, including the processing and dispatching of online orders and enquiries.
  • Assisting in raising the profile of the brand through the creation of promotional material and utilising social media.

As a result of the experience my jewellery making skills have developed enormously, liaising with clients, stockists and outworkers in a professional and friendly manner has been my biggest development over my time on work placement. I have also developed my information technology skills, by using different programmes such as Photoshop and online sites like Pinterest and Etsy. I have definitely improved my skills for working under pressure with the Christmas rush and deadline of 3.30pm everyday for dispatching the jewellery.

Emma-Kate Jewellery

The highlight of the experience for me was my time spent at the bench creating Emma-Kate’s jewellery; she’s designed such beautiful collections it was an honour being taught by such a talented designer and business woman.

The Christmas period was definitely the most challenging of all because of the high volume of orders. These weeks were also very rewarding because we had a target to finish all orders (with the new record of 38 orders to dispatch in one day) before 3:30pm for the post it was a great feeling achieving the target. On Christmas day I thought of all the jewellery myself and Emma-Kate had created as Christmas presents and felt proud that I helped create the beautiful gifts for people all over the world.

I have loved my time at Emma-Kate Jewellery. My skills have developed a great deal during the experience including my jewellery manufacturing skills as one day I would like to create my own jewellery so the tips I learnt on how to use different tools was great for my own personal experience.

This experience has definitely influenced my future career choice, I believe I will need a few more years of experience yet, but learning all the basics about running a business and jewellery production has encouraged me to think about my options.