A positive mind can work wonders


By Jade Callan

After being told my coffee making skills tasted somewhat like Bovril at my new workplace, I thought I was doomed, but they had faith in me and that my brewing skills would improve. Lucky for them they did and I am still here after my placement has finished.

I Graduated from Falmouth in Cornwall with a degree in Fashion Design, it was safe to say I missed Glengettie tea and Welsh cakes too much, hence why I returned to my homeland.

With a degree in one hand and not much else under by belt, I joined the many thousands of graduates hoping to land their dream job. Unfortunately it wasn’t that easy. Trawling the internet tirelessly for jobs can soon make you go slightly mad – this is when I stumbled across GO Wales and what sounded like the perfect opportunity – A Design Room Assistant for an outdoor clothing brand.

After a very hands on interview – part of which I had to pretend I was a pro with a measuring tape and a gilet (I had never even worn a gilet in my life, let alone measure one) Regardless of this, I must have done something right because I got the job. Working as part of a very small design team, I was lucky to experience an extremely varied role. From assisting photo shoots, to drawing design specs and booking deliveries overseas, everyday was different. I felt I was exposed to so much invaluable knowledge that I took this time to soak up as much as I could. I have always been very creative, being in an environment that depends on this is something that I realised I always want to be a part of, it made me even more determined to work in the industry now knowing what it entailed.

I would highly recommend GO Wales for any eager beavers in Wales. I see it as an amazing opportunity to get experience, realise your strengths and figure out what elements of a job you enjoy the most. I think it is so important to take everything you can from any experience, despite it being related to your degree or not. It is so easy to put yourself down if you find yourself in a position you don’t feel is relevant, but the amount of jobs that require exceptional customer service skills, brilliant problem solving or teamwork can often be taken for granted, except these are skills that are needed for most roles and you just got a head start, even if it was in a supermarket.

My top tip which I always tell myself is stay positive; it may seem obvious and easier said than done but is something that has got me to where I am today. A positive mind can work wonders.

And remember – A good coffee requires a HEAPED spoonful to avoid any Bovril like substance, with this knowledge you should be just fine.

Good Luck!