Explore the World of Freelancing

By Prime Aspire CEO, Chris Adiolé

PrimeAspire1Freelancing has been commonplace in the US for quite some time and it’s now a fast-growing trend in the UK. Recent surveys indicate that one in three Americans of working age undertake regular freelance work and this number is set to increase. In fact, research shows that millennial-graduates in the US and the UK are opting for freelance work instead of the traditional 9 to 5 jobs.

Freelancers are able to select the clients they work for, choose the type of work they take on, set the prices they charge, and set their working hours. To put it simply, as a freelancer you are free to choose how you earn your income, by using your skills and talents to provide services. You can either freelance on a full-time basis as a career option or simply freelance to boost your income. From writing and editing articles to developing and designing websites, there are many ways to use your skills to freelance.

Many freelancers make a very good living and are happy to continue, working remotely for various clients from across the globe. Some freelancers even grow into well-established companies and employ other skilled people to work within the company. Freelancing can also be seen as a safe and cost-effective way to test a business idea before investing large sums of money.

So once you’ve decided on what you want to do as a freelancer, you can easily use freelance platforms like Primeaspire and the GO Wales Freelancer Academy to get started, find freelance projects and offer your services as a freelancer.

Benefits of freelancing

  1. Work flexibility

Freelancing offers a level of flexibility that most employed workers can only dream of. As a freelancer you’ll be able to set your working hours and choose when you are available for work. You could decide to work all night in order to have the day to yourself and vice-versa. This flexibility can be very useful if you decide to have a family or take on other commitments. Indeed, most freelancers work from home to allow them to raise a family and avoid expensive child care costs.

  1. Better work/life balance

The flexibility that comes with freelancing can provide you with great work/life balance, as you’ll be able to plan your work around your personal life rather than the other way round. It’s surely a good thing that as a freelancer you can earn money for your skills without the need to be sat within the four walls of an office.

  1. Meet and share ideas with other freelancers

As a freelancer you’ll often have the opportunity to work with other freelancers and collaborate on specific projects. There are now shared office spaces in most town and cities, making it easier to network with other freelancers and small businesses in your chosen field.


  1. Variety of work

Unlike most 9 to 5 jobs, freelancing offers the opportunity to work on different types of projects with differing complexities and requirements. But that’s not all, working as a freelancer you’ll be able to work with various clients from across the globe who will inevitably have different demands and requirements for their projects. With the variety of work that comes with freelancing, boredom isn’t something that most freelance experience.

  1. Control over your income

Working as a freelancer gives you full control over your income and a sense of responsibility that most freelancers enjoy. Freelancing can be a lucrative career option and recent research has shown that the average freelancer earns substantially more than the average employed worker.

  1. No more office bosses

This is probably one of the main benefits that excite most freelancers. As a freelancer you are your own boss and you’ll be responsible for making decisions on a whole range of matters, from budgeting to planning and execution of projects. However, with so many resources and advice available you don’t have to go it all alone, you can always get advice and support to become an even better freelancer.