Do your research! – Celia’s experience at Nation Radio

By Celia Kershaw, Market Researcher, Nation Radio

CeliaKershawHi! My name’s Celia Kershaw and I’m currently on my GO Wales placement at Nation Radio. After I graduated with my Psychology BSc (Hons) degree I was unsure about what I wanted to do with it. So after many escapades abroad I have finally settled down and am now taking the long road towards building a career.

GO Wales seemed like a great idea to help me get started on this road. Moving back home meant I was looking for opportunities nearby and I spotted this Audience Researcher position at Nation Radio. I thought, radio? That’s pretty cool. Research? I’ve got over 3 years researching research under my belt so that’s sorted. I applied and within the day I got it. Yay! Now to brush up on my researching research skills…

I was taken on by Nation Radio to conduct a Market Research survey to find out what people like and don’t like listening to on the radio. The initial stages of the placement were very much “use your initiative” but definitely in a good way! I was in control of how I designed the survey which might be used to revamp the station completely. There was a lot of responsibility but I enjoyed researching (there’s that word again) what questions to use to get an accurate representative sample.

Once the survey was designed, I had to get amongst it across South Wales. This prospect did daunt me initially because I’m not exactly shy but approaching people with all the confidence in the world isn’t something I’m famed for. Luckily I wasn’t doing it by myself and the people at Nation who helped me out were brilliant! After a couple of weeks in the big wide world I gained in confidence and I was actually enjoying conducting the survey. During my time here I had to do my research (see title) to try to figure out where was best to go to conduct the survey. That kept me busy because I needed to get permission from people and this improved my communications skills. Analysing all the results so far has been really insightful and hopefully these results will prove to Nation that what they’re doing at the moment is exactly what the audience wants. That’s the consensus so far!

Everyone here at Nation has been really supportive and they wanted me to gain something from this experience too. I have a keen interest in sport and possibly going into Sports Broadcasting (long career road bit). Luckily for me Nation is about to launch a new Sports show on Saturdays and they’ve asked me to help out! I’m really excited about this project and I feel this could be the kick-start to my career that I need. Again, I’ll be back to the research drawing board to obtain new sports stories, local news and events which we’ll promote. There will also be different features and interviews when international sports events are on. All exciting stuff and I can’t wait to get down to it!

My advice for any new graduates (or old graduates like me…) is do your research! Whenever you’re applying for new roles, always research the company, people involved etc. Also research related companies too because they might have opportunities as well! Research gets results and it’s definitely changed my life for the better.