Don’t be afraid of a career change – my experience

workingatacafe - Amber Rose

Guest post by Amber Rose Thomas

I was nervous. I could feel my heart pounding, my thoughts whirling, and the sound of my pulse booming in my ears. But I wasn’t scared; I was excited. So excited. Which was completely the opposite emotion to what I had been feeling only a few months before.

I always did well in school, and could have easily achieved straight A’s if I’d put my mind to it, which I didn’t always do. I was encouraged by my teachers and family and was always told, “You can do anything you put your mind to.” “You have such great potential!” That was all great, but I had no idea what exactly I should be putting my mind to! Where should I use all that potential?

One of the great things about being part of my generation is that I could do anything. The draw back was that I could do anything. I was paralyzed by opportunity and the fear of making the wrong choice. Instead of going to university I decided to take a gap year, which quickly turned into gap years, because that fear and uncertainty never really went away. I joined the work force and in three years I had 9 different jobs. I did well at all of them, was sometimes promoted and was always well liked, but I could never stick one out for more than six months. From retail to event planning to digital marketing, I would always start my new job so excited, but before long I would start to get the uncomfortable feeling that this just wasn’t for me. I would look at my superiors and not want their job. I didn’t want to be them. I was bored.

One day by some fluke and I was convinced to attend a workshop in London called “Discover Your Strengths & Live a More Passionate Life”. I had no idea what to expect when I walked into that room, but those 4 hours changed my life completely. I learn that it was okay to be passionate about many things in a world that’s always asking us to choose. I didn’t have to have a corporate career or a degree. I discovered that my core strengths were Kindness, Social Awareness, Perspective, Empathy and Ambition. I learnt about positive psychology and how much our mindset can affect our happiness and the outcomes in our lives. I discovered the concept of life coaching and my heart just started to glow. I loved that it didn’t dwell on the past and negative experiences, but on your future potential. No one judged me for my years of indecision. I couldn’t remember the last time I had felt so lit up and passionate about something.

This year I started a BSc Psychology degree, signed up for a certified life-coaching course and enrolled in a business-marketing course for young entrepreneurs. I’ve finally found my calling, where I least expected it.

Don’t settle. Don’t just do what you’re good at. Do what thrills you.