Feeding your graduate hunger!


By Ceri Bennett

University in three words. THE BEST TIME, EVER!!! (Okay that’s four…) but regardless, I can honestly stay deciding to go to university was, and still remains to be, one of my greatest decisions to date.  Not only did I gain a degree in a subject that I love, but I’ve also gained vital life experience with new lifelong friends. I have learnt to look at life with a different perspective and lived the most exciting, crazy and (almost) care-free three years of my life. However all good things must come to an end (apparently) and my university days are up.

This is what brings me here – life after university – sounds terrifying, right? Wrong! Admittedly it takes some adjusting, but life after university isn’t scary or bad, it’s just different and different is good! Different in the sense that you are older, more mature (slightly…) and are now an independent graduate with a hunger to start earning and exploring what life on the career ladder looks like. One problem, however, is the ease at which you can step into a decent, graduate job these days.

When I finished university I was working part-time in my local supermarket, which paid my bills but didn’t feed my hunger for wanting more and using up the skills I learnt in University. Finding a decent job was hard and it felt like it was increasingly becoming more impossible. There was a reason after all, for wanting to pursue further education and this was to secure a high quality job at the end of it. I was left feeling cheated as I didn’t go to university for this and it was quite frankly raining on my graduate parade! However, there are plenty of ways to either help you get into work or help you carve and improve your employability by gaining vital work experience and guidance. This is where GO Wales came into play in my journey as a graduate in Wales.

The transition from finishing university to stepping onto the career ladder may feel slow, but things take time and to help you get there is GO Wales, who offer a wide range of vital work placements, work experience, jobs and training academies to give you the best possible start to your career path of success.

I am currently on a six-month Jobs Growth Wales placement led by GO Wales in a local company in North Wales. I can honestly say week by week I can feel myself developing as a person. I am gaining invaluable work experience which I would not have gained without schemes offered by GO Wales. This Job Growth scheme allows me to earn a decent graduate salary but also helps me to keep adding to an ever growing list of skills and experiences for my CV. My time in this placement is helping me develop my experiences, skills and confidence to achieve the career I went to university to get. The GO Wales staff are helpful and friendly, and they make me feel like I am really benefiting Wales for being a Welsh graduate, which makes me extremely proud. So my main piece of advice from this blog is don’t lose sight, there are people around you who want to help you achieve and strive to be the best you can be. Just go for it!