About Us

About Us

GO Wales makes it possible for students and graduates to develop their careers in Wales through quality work experience and training opportunities with businesses. The project contributes significantly to the development of a knowledge economy in Wales; businesses have access to higher level skills and fresh ideas to support growth and development.

Managed by the Higher Education Funding Council for Wales (HEFCW) the project is delivered by University Careers Services in Wales.

GO Wales receives funding from the Welsh Government and the European Union Social Fund (ESF).

The project will aim to provide almost 4,000 students and graduates with training and development opportunities to prepare them for their future careers during 2009-2014.

Mae GO Wales yn ei gwneud hi’n bosibl i fyfyrwyr a graddedigion ddatblygu eu gyrfaoedd yng Nghymru drwy brofiad gwaith o safon a chyfle i hyfforddi gyda busnesau. Mae’r prosiect yn cyfrannu’n sylweddol at ddatblygu economi wybodaeth Cymru; gall busnesau gael at sgiliau lefel uwch a syniadau newydd i gefnogi twf a datblygiad.

Rheolir y prosiect gan Gyngor Cyllido Addysg Uwch Cymru (CCAUC) a Gwasanaethau Gyrfa Prifysgolion Cymru sydd yn ei ddarparu.

Mae GO Wales yn derbyn arian gan Llywodraeth Cymru a Chronfa Gymdeithasol Ewrop (ESF).

Nod y prosiect fydd darparu hyfforddiant a chyfleoedd datblygu i bron 4,000 o fyfyrwyr a’u paratoi ar gyfer eu darpar yrfaoedd yn ystod 2009-2014.


Crystal Evans

Role at GO Wales: Marketing Officer

Why I love working for GO Wales: I have a hugely varied role and no two days are the same; sometimes I’ll be out with a film crew capturing footage for a success story video and another day I’ll be working on an idea for a competition. It keeps things interesting!

The GO Wales project has recently celebrated a 10 year anniversary, as part of this we’ve been featuring a lot of students and graduates who have gained work experience opportunities and are now in successful careers. I love working at GO Wales because it’s so rewarding to see how thousands of young people have benefited from the work placements and work experience opportunities we have arranged for them.

Likes: In my spare time you can find me cross-legged on a yoga mat or cooking up a storm in the kitchen; I love entertaining!

Dislike: Spiders, onions and scary fairground rides.

Alex Davies

Role at GO Wales: Marketing Extraordinaire

Why I love working for GO Wales: There’s the nicest group of people who I’ve ever worked with who are always trying to encourage me to share stories of my bad dates!

Likes: Performing stand up comedy, terminally uncool rock bands, crispy beef in black bean sauce, Peanuts (comic strip).

Dislikes: Assembling and disassembling events stands, when my MP3 player runs out of battery and I’m hours away from home, peanuts (foodstuff).

Favourite moment at GO Wales: When I was first asked as a part participant of the Graduate Academy to present my experience of the programme to new groups!